L lysine aescinate


Esplant , Venitan gel, Venitan cream, Venoplant , Escuvit , Aescin , Escuven , Eskuzan drops, Venen Theiss gel, Reparil gel N, Aescusan N.

pharmachologic effect

It has anti-inflammatory, anti- exudative and analgesic effect. Normalizes increased vascular ‑tissue permeability, exhibits anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Increases vascular tone, and also has a moderate immunocorrective and hypoglycemic effect.

Indications for use

Post-traumatic, intra – and postoperative edema of any localization: severe edema of the brain and spinal cord, including with intracranial hemorrhages, increased intracranial pressure, as well as swelling edema ‑; swelling of soft tissues in case of damage to the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by local circulatory disorders and pain syndrome; edematous pain syndrome with lesions of the spine, trunk, limbs; severe violations of the venous circulation of the lower extremities in acute thrombophlebitis, which are accompanied by edematous inflammation and pain syndrome.

Dosage and administration

R ‑p for injection . The daily dose of the drug for adults is 5-10 ml. This amount of the drug is diluted in 15–50 ml of 0.9% ‑sodium chloride solution and administered strictly intravenously (intravenous administration is not allowed). The maximum daily dose for adults is 25 ml. The duration of the drug is usually 2-8 days. In children, a single dose is administered at the rate of: from 1 to 5 years – 0.22 mg of L ‑lysine aescinate per 1 kg of body weight; from 5 to 10 years – 0.18 mg / kg; 10 years and older – 0.15 mg / kg. The drug is administered 2 times a day. Course duration – 2-8 days.

Pills. Adults – 1-2 tablets 3 times a day after meals. The duration of the course of treatment is set individually. The course of treatment is 3 months.

Cream. Apply to the affected areas 3-4 times a day.

Side effects

With individual sensitivity to escin in some patients, allergic reactions are possible in the form of skin rash, urticaria, angioedema.


Severe renal dysfunction, hypersensitivity to the drug; age up to 1 year.


Not known.

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