Iron sakhart – iron wine, Maltofer , Ferrum lek, Ferumbo , Venofer , Sufer , Ferinjekt , Ferrolek – Health, Biofer , Heferol . 

pharmachologic effect

Compensates for iron deficiency in the body, stimulates erythropoiesis, and takes part in metabolic processes.

Iron ions are components of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and many enzymes.

During the course of treatment of iron deficiency anemia, there is a gradual regression of clinical signs of anemia and laboratory tests.

Indications for use

Iron deficiency anemia (treatment and prevention); increased body need for iron during pregnancy and lactation, during the period of active growth, as well as in donors; impaired absorption of iron in the digestive tract.

Method of administration and dosage

Adults: inside , 0.3-0.5 g 2-3 times a day after meals. 

Clinical manifestations of anemia usually disappear 2-3 months after the start of treatment, but therapy is continued for 3-6 months to replenish tissue iron resources. During the course of treatment, the morphological composition of the blood and the concentration of iron in the blood should be monitored every 3-4 weeks.

Side effects

In rare cases – pain in the abdomen, nausea, staining of feces in black. 


Hemosiderosis, hemochromatosis , hemolytic anemia, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.


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