A – cerumen

pharmachologic effect

A – cerumen contains surface – active substances that contribute to cleaning the auditory canal of the ear wax, prevent the development of cerumen. It also helps to cleanse the external auditory canal from already existing sulfur plugs.

Indications for use

Designed to remove sulfur plugs in the external auditory canal, as well as to prevent the development of sulfur plugs in patients with increased formation of earwax. It can be used for permanent hygiene of the ears, in particular for patients who use hearing aids, telephone headsets and other devices that are attached to the external ear canal and contribute to excessive production of earwax.

Method of administration and dosage

P – p is intended for instillation into the external auditory canal.

In case of excessive formation of earwax, as a hygiene product A – cerumen is prescribed 1 ml (0.5 bottle – dropper) in each ear 2 times a month. The time of use of the drug is not limited. 

Side effects

During the period of use of the drug, patients did not develop undesirable effects. In patients with hypersensitivity to the components of the solution, hyperemia, itching and rash may develop at the site of application of the drug.


Individual intolerance. It should not be prescribed to patients suffering from acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the ear, as well as to patients with perforation of the tympanic membrane.


Overdose when used according to the recommendations is not possible.

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