Does your psychological state affect your health?

Mental health plays a significant, if not a decisive role in a person’s life. Studies have proven that people who are constantly under stress are less active and able to work, and get sick more often. Let’s try to understand why these diseases occur, and how to avoid them.

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What causes stress – the main reasons

A person spends an average of 8 hours out of 24 hours of the day at work. This is one third of life. And if something doesn’t go well in the work collective, with the boss or colleagues, he begins to get sick. The depressed state of mental health directly affects the overall state of the body.

If all is well in the family, it’s strong, relatives sympathize and empathize with each other, then all the difficulties that inevitably arise in life, a person overcomes much faster and without stress. On the other hand, mental health deteriorates sharply if there are problems with children or a spouse.

Financial situation and debts often knock us out of our usual rut. Loans are the reason why people sometimes don’t sleep at night, don’t eat enough, and deny themselves proper rest and entertainment. At first, feeling the debt, they feel only mild discomfort. If the debt grows, they feel guilty and panic and anxiety. It has been noticed that those people whose financial situation is stable have a more stable state of mental health.

Of course, much depends on the nature and temperament of the person. People susceptible, sensitive and emotional suffer more often and more often than a person balanced or cool-blooded. Some, with any adversity, give up on them and go on. Others in the same circumstances may become depressed. Everything in this world depends on our attitude, do not forget about it.

What is the risk of an unstable state of mental health

It is proven that the state of mental health has a huge impact on how one feels physically. Frequent worries, nervous turmoil, scandals and quarrels can provoke such diseases:

  • Psoriasis. The disease is practically incurable, with symptoms returning at the slightest stress.
  • Peptic ulcer. It has been noticed that the state of mental health directly affects the exacerbation of inflammatory processes.
  • Diabetes mellitus. Can occur after a strong shock.
  • Infarcts and strokes.

A stable state of mental health is in your hands!

In order to maintain a normal state of mental health, and thus maintain the overall tone of the body, learn to follow the recommendations of doctors and psychologists.

Try to eat right. It was noticed that frequent consumption of certain foods (carbonated drinks, sugar, garlic, salt) increases the production of hormones that contribute to irritability and anger in moments of emotional tension. Drink more water – it regulates all the processes in the human body, helping the proper functioning of the organs.

Physical activity contributes to the production of endorphins – hormones that improve mood and overall body tone, which has a positive effect on mental health. Incorporate regular physical activity into your life, but also take care of proper rest (7-8 hours of sleep every night).

Learn to manage your emotions. Special relaxation techniques (meditation, auto-training, yoga classes) can help here, which are good for coping with irritability, anxiety, anger, and significantly improve mental health.

Give up the use of tobacco and alcohol. Getting rid of bad habits will allow you to get a new taste for life and bring your mental health to a new, favorable level.

But the most important thing for maintaining the state of mental health is your active life attitude, namely a conscious desire to be healthy and a positive attitude towards life. The effort of will, aimed at maintaining optimism, will help you to get rid of the burden of anxiety, to dispel fears and worries.

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