Aralia tincture


Ginseng, Ginseng tincture, Schizandra seed tincture, Rhodiola extract liquid, Eleutherococcus, Eleutherococcus liquid extract, Alfagin , Bioaron , Wang ‑Bi, Doppelhertz ginseng, Golden root, Schisandra espresso, Lin chi chiong suan , Tonus, Eleutherococcus rhizomes and roots.

pharmachologic effect

Tonic for nervous diseases (asthenia, depression), overwork, as well as arterial hypotension.

Indications for use

Arterial hypotension, asthenia.

Dosage and administration

Inside, 30-40 drops per reception 2-3 times a day.

Side effects

Insomnia, increased blood pressure.


Hypersensitivity to aprotinin, irritability, insomnia, arterial hypertension, epilepsy.


There is no data.

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