Diacarb, Diuremid, Azopt, Dorzol, Dorzoptik, Rezlod, Brizal.

pharmachologic effect

Antiglaucoma remedy.

Indications for use

Increased intraocular pressure. Open-angle glaucoma. Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma and other types of secondary open-angle glaucoma.

Method of administration and dosage

1 ml p – pa contains 32 drops, corresponding to 20 mg dorzolamide.  

When monotherapy: appoint 1 drop in the affected eye 3 times a day.

In combination with beta – blockers for local use: 1 drop is prescribed in the affected eye 2 times a day.

Side effects

Burning, tingling, itchy eyes, blurred vision, lacrimation, eyelid irritation, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, anterior uveitis, temporary myopia, corneal edema, iridocyclitis.


Severe renal failure, hyperchloremic acidosis, hypersensitivity to dorzolamide and other components of the drug, pregnancy and lactation, childhood.


There is no data.

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