pharmachologic effect

Has an antiemetic effect.

Indications for use

As part of combination therapy for the prevention of acute and delayed nausea and vomiting associated with anti-cancer chemotherapy based on cisplatin with a high emetogenic risk in adults; prevention of nausea and vomiting associated with the use of anticancer chemotherapy with moderate emetogenic risk in adults.

Method of administration and dosage

Emend is used for 3 days as part of a regimen that includes a corticosteroid and a 5 – HT3 antagonist. Emenda recommended dose – 125 mg orally 1 hour prior to chemotherapy (1 – day) and 80 mg 1 time per day in the morning (2 – nd and 3 – th days).     

Side effects

Hiccups, asthenia and fatigue, increased ALT levels, constipation, headache, anorexia.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, during pregnancy and lactation. With caution in severe liver dysfunction.


There is no specific information regarding the treatment of overdose. In case of overdose, you should stop taking Emend and prescribe general supportive therapy.

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