Glycerin microclysters for adults, Glycerin microclysters for children, Adulaks kasen – flit , Peydolax, Glycerin suppositories “Farmina”, Glycerin suppositories for adults, Glycerin suppositories for children, Adulax, Guttalax.

pharmachologic effect

In its pure form, it has an irritating effect, which disappears with the addition of water (up to 30-50 %), lanolin, petroleum jelly. 

Indications for use

For softening the skin and mucous membranes. As a laxative.

Method of administration and dosage

In the form of applications for dry skin. As a laxative, adults use in the form of enemas (2-5 ml). 

Side effects

Not installed.


When applied externally – violations of the integrity of the skin. When used in the form of an enema – inflammatory diseases and tumors of the digestive tract.  


There is no data.

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