Contriven, Contrikal.

pharmachologic effect

The active ingredient of the drug Gordox – aprotinin – is able to suppress the activity of proteolytic enzymes (plasmin, trypsin, kallidinogenase, etc.). Aprotinin is a kallikrein inhibitor, has antifibrinolytic effect, is able to reduce the fibrinolytic activity of the blood.   

Indications for use

Acute pancreatitis, as part of complex therapy; chronic pancreatitis, with frequent relapses and severe course; pancreatitis as a result of trauma and surgery; primary bleeding with hyperfibrinolysis.

Method of administration and dosage

The starting dose for adult patients is 0.5 million KIED Gordox IV drip (infusion rate not more than 5 million per minute), the maintenance dosage is 200 thousand KIED Gordox every 4-6 hours, the minimum daily dosage is 1 million KIED. After the regression of objective and subjective symptoms, the maintenance dosage can be reduced to 500 thousand KIUU per day.        

For children, the dosage of the drug is calculated on the basis of body weight: 20 thousand KIED of the drug is administered per 1 kg of body weight .  

Side effects

Rarely – allergic, dyspeptic reactions, muscle pain, changes in blood pressure. 


Intolerance to aprotinin or any of the components of the drug, DIC – syndrome, pregnancy up to 12 weeks.


As a result of an overdose, various allergic reactions are possible, up to anaphylactic shock. If symptoms of intolerance appear, the administration of the drug should be stopped immediately and symptomatic therapy should be started.

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