Medulak , Normaze , Portalak , Bioflorax , Dufalak , Lactuvit , Normolact .

pharmachologic effect


Indications for use

Hepatic encephalopathy, salmonellosis, treatment of bacilli carriers, intestinal dysbiosis, chronic constipation, hypercholesterolemia , intoxication of various etiologies.

Method of administration and dosage

Hepatic encephalopathy. Orally. Children : 27-60 g in 3-4 doses. The dose is adjusted every 1–2 days until soft stools are provided with a frequency of defecation 2–3 times a day. Adults : 20-30 g 3-4 times a day. If necessary, administer 30 g every hour until a laxative effect is achieved. After achieving a laxative effect, the dose is reduced.   

Hepatic coma or precomatous state. Rectally. Adults : 300 ml p – pa lactulose in 700 ml of water or isotonic saline p – pa administered through a rectal balloon catheter and hold 30-60 minutes. Repeat every 4-6 hours if necessary. If the bowel is empty too quickly, the administration can be repeated.   

Constipation. Inside. Children:   7 , 5 ml into one time a day, usually after breakfast. Adults:   15 -30 ml (per 10 ml – 6.67 g lactulose), increasing to 60 ml of 1 times a day if necessary. The effect develops within 24–48 hours.         

Side effects

Flatulence and increased gas production in the first days of treatment; transient diarrhea at the initial stage of therapy for hepatic encephalopathy. Violation of water – electrolyte balance.


Individual intolerance, galactosemia , intestinal obstruction.


Laxative effect, passes on its own without the use of medications.

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