Bom – Benge, Bom – Benge ointment, Deep Heat Spray, Kamfart, Nikofleks, Fast Relief.

pharmachologic effect

A complex preparation for topical use with vasodilating, warming and analgesic activity.

It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and distracting effect.

Indications for use

The drug is used to eliminate pain in patients suffering from joint diseases, including arthrosis, spondylarthrosis and arthritis. The drug is prescribed to patients with myalgia of various etiologies, as well as during the recovery period in patients with tendovaginitis.

Dosage and administration

The drug is intended for external use. The ointment should be applied in a thin layer, rubbing it easily on the affected area.

Patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal – motor apparatus typically designate one application of the drug per day for 3 days and then transferred to application of the drug, 2 times a day. The duration of the drug is determined depending on the severity of the disease.

Side effects

The drug is usually well tolerated by patients. In isolated cases, mainly in patients with increased individual sensitivity, the development of skin allergic reactions or Quincke’s edema is possible.

When using the drug, the development of hyperemia, feelings of slight tingling and burning sensation of the treated area are noted, these effects are a consequence of the action of the drug and indicate the onset of the development of a therapeutic effect.


Increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, the period of the active inflammatory process, the period of pregnancy and lactation, age under 18 years.


Not identified.

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