Symptoms of hidden diabetes — how to detect the disease

The development of diabetes mellitus is not always accompanied by pronounced manifestations. In some cases, the disease occurs in a latent form. This pathology is called a latent form of diabetes. This period is considered the most dangerous for the body, since the destructive processes that have begun in it remain invisible to the patient for a long time. It is possible to detect the disease at an early stage only by conducting laboratory tests.

Who is at risk?

The latent form of the disease occurs primarily in people who make up the risk group. The probability of developing pathology increases under the influence of various reasons. These include: Hereditary predisposition. A person whose parents already have a similar diagnosis is often prone to the occurrence of the disease. Monitoring the value of glycemia in such a child should occur with special care. Excess body weight. Extra pounds can disrupt metabolic processes. As a result of such a negative impact, diabetes may occur. Old age. Aging of the body forces many people to lead a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of which their body loses its strength. Against the background of various diseases, diabetes mellitus may also occur. Pregnancy. This period in women is accompanied by a strong hormonal failure, and against the background of relaxation of the body, previously diagnosed chronic diseases often worsen. In addition, expectant mothers in some cases become susceptible to the development of diabetes.

Laboratory tests recommended by a gynecologist, including a blood test for sugar, allow to identify such pathological changes. Viral diseases that affect the cells of the pancreas responsible for the production of insulin. As a result, the amount of hormone produced by the organ decreases, leading to an increase in the glycemic index, and consequently, to the development of diabetes. Diseases of the pancreas. People with an increased risk of developing the disease should monitor their well-being more closely and undergo examinations more often in order to prevent the development of diabetes. Order Metformin diabetes pills.

Symptoms of changes in the body

Despite the prevalence of the disease, most people still ignore the first symptoms and seek medical help already at the stage of diabetes progression. Such inattention to the state of one’s own health contributes to further damage to the body. It is important to be able to distinguish between the manifestations of diabetes that occurs in a latent form in order to reduce the likelihood of developing various complications.

The manifestations of the disease are divided into 2 categories: main; secondary. The main symptoms are: severe thirst, in which the volume of liquid consumed per day can exceed 3 liters; frequent urge to urinate; heart disorders that cause fluctuations in blood pressure and shortness of breath; weight gain or its sharp loss; lesions of the nervous system, expressed in numbness of the extremities, insomnia. Secondary signs: rapid onset of fatigue; weakness; partial loss of sensitivity; the presence of erectile dysfunction (in men); a decrease in potassium contained in the blood; frequent hunger; violations of the functions of the reproductive system; the occurrence of fungal lesions of the skin, nails, as well as bacterial diseases.

The main manifestations are characterized by a sharp appearance, so a person in most cases notices changes occurring in his body. Secondary signs, on the contrary, arise gradually and do not make themselves felt for a long time, causing a negative impact on the patient’s health. People become more irritable against the background of the presence of unpleasant sensations. Attempts to eliminate increased fatigue with the help of regular rest, daily walks are unsuccessful. This is due to the need to treat diabetes and take appropriate therapeutic measures by the patient. The latent form of the disease is accompanied by vascular damage, an increased risk of developing heart pathologies. In addition, people suffering from this disease are more likely to die due to a heart attack or stroke. Video material about the causes and symptoms of sugar disease: Diagnostic methods It is impossible to determine the beginning of the development of such a disease as diabetes in a latent form only on the basis of external manifestations. The patient needs to pass several tests, the results of which will allow to assess the level of specific indicators. The list of diagnostic tests that a doctor prescribes for people with suspected diabetes mellitus: The double load method (Staub-Traugott). This type of testing is performed on an empty stomach. Before donating blood, a person has to drink 50 ml of glucose dissolved with water. After 60 minutes from the moment of the first reception, the load is repeated. When evaluating the results obtained, healthy people have an increase in the glucose index only at the first sampling, and in patients suffering from a latent form of the disease, it will persist even with repeated testing. Most often, alternative methods are used to this method, since it is quite time-consuming to identify pathology with it. This is due to the fact that advanced laboratory capabilities are used in the process of conducting. A urine test, which is performed in 2 stages – before and after eating carbohydrates. The body of a healthy person is able to prevent the penetration of glucose into the urine. The detection of this substance in the test material indicates the course of diabetes in a latent form. Obtaining a positive result is the reason for conducting TSH (a test that determines glucose tolerance), according to which the level of glycemia on an empty stomach and after drinking a sweet solution is examined. During mass medical examination, the presence of glucose in the urine is determined by using a glucotest, which is a special paper with a reagent reacting to sugar. Color changes indicate the need for other blood tests. Test for glycated hemoglobin. It reflects the average value of sugar contained in the blood during the 3 months preceding the study. Thanks to such an analysis, it is possible to identify the latent form of the disease in the early stages. A general analysis of the urine, which determines the level of glucose contained in it. Normally, this indicator should not be detected.

The above examinations can be prescribed to the patient only after an examination by a specialist, during which the presence of peeling of the skin surface, excess body weight is determined. When collecting anamnesis, patients most often indicate heavy drinking, dryness in the oral cavity, regular urination, unusual irritability and fatigue. Glucose tolerance test If necessary, the doctor can prescribe the patient to undergo a prednisone-glucose load, which consists in the following points: the diet of the three days preceding the test should contain at least 300 g of carbohydrates (daily); proteins, as well as fats, should be contained in sufficient quantities; 2 hours before taking a glucose-diluted solution, the patient is injected with Prednisone in an amount not exceeding 12.5 g. The level of glycemia exceeding 5.2 mmol/l on an empty stomach, and after 2 hours – 7 mmol/l, allows us to confirm the latent development of diabetes. Methods of treatment Therapy of diabetes mellitus, which occurs in a latent form, should be carried out at the early stages of development. Otherwise, the disease can go into an open form, causing the occurrence of life-threatening complications for the patient. Therapeutic methods include: physical activity — swimming, walking; compliance with a special diet; measures aimed at losing weight of the patient; taking appropriate medications; herbal medicine. The rules of therapeutic nutrition provide for a restriction in the diet of certain food products and the predominance of products in it that are unable to lead to a sharp rise in glycemia. Recommended products: unsweetened varieties of fruits; meat, fish (low-fat in composition); seafood; liver; nuts; celery; legumes; unsweetened drinks; skimmed milk products. All food products belonging to the group of fast carbohydrates, as well as sugary drinks, including tea and coffee, are banned. As medicines, the intake of sugar-lowering tablets can be prescribed. A long course of treatment with these drugs can, in combination with other measures, eliminate the manifestations of the disease, reducing the risk of developing an open form of diabetes by 2 times.

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