Relief Pro cream, Relief Pro suppositories

pharmachologic effect

Combined drug, has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic , antiallergic, local anesthetic effect.

Indications for use

Haemorrhoids; superficial anal fissures; proctitis.

Dosage and administration

Ultraproct is recommended to be used after defecation. Before using the drug, anus hygiene should be carried out. Usually, the ointment should be applied 2 times a day, on the first day for the fastest relief of symptoms – up to 4 times. After squeezing a small amount of ointment onto your finger, it is necessary to lubricate the area around the anus and inside the anal ring. Before introducing the ointment into the rectum, it is necessary to screw the attached applicator onto the tube and insert it into the anus. Then, pressing lightly on the tube, squeeze a small amount of ointment into the rectum. The duration of treatment should not exceed 4 weeks.

Side effects

Burning, itching, dry skin, telangiectasia , hypopigmentation and skin atrophy, allergic reactions.


Tuberculous or syphilitic processes in the anus; viral diseases in the area of application of the drug; age up to 18 years; pregnancy; hypersensitivity to components.


No data.

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