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pharmachologic effect

Warfarin contains elements that prevent blood from clotting. The drug inhibits the effect of vitamin K, which is actively involved in blood clotting. As a result, the likelihood of blood clots (blood clots) is reduced.

Indications for use

Vein thrombosis and predisposition to them, as well as preventive treatment of thrombosis and thromboembolism. Short-term indications for treatment are acute venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, postoperative thrombosis, acute myocardial infarction, surgical and thrombolytic treatment of thrombosis, in case of atrial flutter for cardioversion. Long-term treatment is recommended for recurrent venous thrombosis, prosthetics of heart valves and blood vessels, transient attacks of ischemia and a number of other indications that are identified by the attending physician.  

Method of administration and dosage

The tablets are recommended to be washed down with water and taken 2 times a day. It is highly undesirable to consume warfarin with food. It is also important to consider that at the initial stage of treatment, it is not recommended to take the drug in doses exceeding 5 mg. Treatment is carried out for 6-12 months. 

Side effects

Black tarry stools and indigestion; bleeding from the nose or gums; profuse and prolonged menstrual flow; increased activity of liver enzymes; swelling and bruising arising for no apparent reason in various parts of the body; the appearance of skin spots on the thighs, abdominal wall, mammary glands; hemorrhage; eczema; hair loss.


Acute bleeding, severe liver and kidney dysfunction, acute arterial hypertension, pregnancy.


In case of an overdose of the drug, bleeding and increased bleeding may begin.

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