Bebident , Dentol , Menovazin, Relief Advance, Fastin , Novocain, Novocain – Darnitsa, Novocain – Health.

pharmachologic effect

Reversibly stabilizes the membrane of neurons, reduces its permeability to sodium ions, inhibits the process of membrane depolarization and blocks the emergence and conduction of nerve impulses.

Indications for use

Gastralgia , hypersensitivity of the esophagus; locally – acute inflammation of the middle ear, pain in the area of ​​the external auditory canal, urticaria, skin diseases accompanied by itching, cracks in the anus, hemorrhoids. 

Performing diagnostic procedures on the mucous membranes.

Method of administration and dosage

In case of inflammation of the hearing system – 4–5 drops into the external auditory canal, followed by tamponade with cotton cloth, the application is repeated (if necessary) every 1–2 hours.  

For anesthesia rectal mucosa   using suppositories (0.05-0.1 g) was topically applied to 5-20 % oil p – ry .  

Inside take in powders, tablets and mucous mixtures.

Dose for adults – 0.3 g 3-4 times a day;   

for children under 1 year old – 0.02–0.04 g; 2–5 years – 0.05–0.1 g; 6-12 years old – 0.12-0.25 g.         

Higher doses for adults inside: single – 0.5 g, daily – 1.5 g.    

Side effects

Contact dermatitis, persistent desensitization at the site of application, allergic reactions.


Restrictions on use: breastfeeding (should be suspended), breastfeeding (up to 1 year).


Characterized infants, respiratory distress – syndrome, cyanosis.

Treatment.   Symptomatic and intravenous administration of methylene blue.

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