Gepa – Merz


Hepatox, Larnamine, Ornithox, Eslidine, Orniliv.

pharmachologic effect

It has detoxification and hepaprotective properties.

Indications for use

Treatment of patients with concomitant diseases and complications caused by impaired detoxification of the liver, with symptoms of latent or severe hepatic encephalopathy.

Dosage and administration

Inside.   Dissolve the contents of 1-2 packets in a large amount of liquid and take during or after meals up to 3 times a day. 

In / in.   The dose is up to 4 ampoules (40 ml) per day. In case of precoma or coma, administer up to 8 ampoules (80 ml) within 24 hours, depending on the severity of the condition. Before administration, the contents of the ampoule should be added to 500 ml of r – ra, but more than 6 ampoules should not be dissolved in 500 ml of infusion r – ra.      

The period of treatment with the drug is determined by the doctor.

Side effects

Rarely , nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, flatulence, diarrhea, joint pain. These adverse reactions are usually short-lived and do not require discontinuation of the drug. They disappear with a decrease in the dose or rate of administration of the drug. Allergic reactions are possible. 


Hypersensitivity to L – ornithine – L – aspartate or any component of the drug; severe renal failure.


Signs of intoxication due to an overdose of L – ornithine – L – aspartate were not observed. Possible increased side effects. In case of an overdose, symptomatic treatment is recommended.

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