Why is it important to monitor your health?

At the beginning of the article about health surveillance, a small lyrical digression. The fact is that one of the disciplines I read is the theory of reliability. This is a rather interesting discipline, although it was originally developed to calculate how long the first lamp computers will work. It was believed that they would not work at all, since there are many components in them, but in the end it was proved that they would work and they did. But we are interested in this theory from the point of view of its uniqueness and applicability for absolutely any technical and biological object, we will consider it specifically for predicting human life expectancy.

Let’s understand in practice. The graph below shows the main graph of the reliability theory – the product life cycle graph. It has three fundamentally significant stages – the first stage (the left part of the graph) is running-in (let’s draw an analogy with a car that has not been run-in – it pours and breaks, just like a small child often gets sick because the immune system has not yet learned to fight diseases, buy prednisone at the best price), the second stage is normal work, this stage is interesting because the number of failures is approximately constant (again, an analogy with cars – normal work for 1-6 years until everything is worn out, for people this is the age from 16 to 45-50 years, while a good person is rarely ill, and critical failures are extremely rare, most patients simply died at the stage of running-in), and the last third period is aging and failure (at this stage, the main nodes are worn out, failures happen more often and failures are more difficult, for a person this is also true-immunity weakens, chronic diseases worsen, sudden failures occur, mortality increases by 1000).

I think I have convinced you that a person is just as subject to the theory of reliability as a machine. There are no differences! Further, the failure rate depends on the load factor, those who work in harmful and difficult conditions, as a rule, live less than those who do not strain! Well, or for example, take two identical cars and one will drive empty, and the second will carry bricks – which one will fail earlier?

Or let’s take two people, one who drinks half a liter of vodka every day, and the second who runs slowly through the forest for half an hour. Who will have a liver failure from cirrhosis? No, there is a possibility that a forest runner, but exceptions only confirm the rules, if the health fails in a forest runner, it will only say that he was originally defective, for example, he had bad genes or had hepatitis as a child.

Or another moment-it happens that something has failed – for example, the rubber bands of the suspension levers were torn down in the car, and if they are not changed in time, you will have to change more levers, well, or a person has a tooth that has festered and if it is not cured immediately, it can end with blood poisoning!

Back in mid-2013, I believed that money was the main thing and even wrote about it on the pages of my blog, at the celebration of 25 years, I told my relatives that I had a lot of health, and I would be happy to share it with them, and what do you think – in November 2013, I was lying down for a month and the doctors could not do anything, and it all started with the fact that I walked and coughed for two weeks in October. Fortunately, I was not completely helpless, but really due to the fact that I did not monitor my health, I lost a lot of time for treatment and since I wrote in an article about the resources of an entrepreneur that time is a measure of money, I lost money. If you can’t work because of illness, deals leave you, you can’t live a full life, and during illness, the probability of critical failure is higher!

The most important thing is that when everything hurts – you are not interested in money, you do not need anything at all, you need to return to the comfort zone when nothing hurts and everything is fine! By the way, that’s why you first need to take care of yourself, and if everything is fine with you, you will inevitably do well, and to close people (unless of course you are idiots).

For someone, the main motivator in health monitoring will again be money. Professional medical care is very expensive, it is almost impossible to get high-quality medical services, especially in provincial cities. From an economic point of view, it is easier and cheaper to maintain health than to restore it.

At the end of the article, I would like to say that most entrepreneurs are atheists, in the sense that they understand that after death no soul will fly anywhere, they will simply turn off the light bulb and put earplugs in their ears… a kind of dreamless sleep, the body itself is useless, we need it to maintain consciousness and to interact with the world around us… By the way, if this was what was taught all over the world (and not religion and eternal life were brainwashed), then there would be no suicide bombers and society itself would live healthier. For me personally, conscience is God… I understand that if I myself become better, and I will act honestly according to my conscience, then I will be able to make the world a better place-even a little, but better… the result is not as important as the direction is important…

After reading this article, I would like you to draw the following conclusions:

1) It is important to regularly monitor health, who does not monitor health, he does not live long…

2) The one who does not solve health problems in a timely manner inevitably falls on steeper problems.

3) If you don’t have health, then you just don’t have time for entrepreneurship… it’s hard to think about deals with a sick tooth.

4) The higher the load on the body, the more failures.

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